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​President of Lighting Designs, Frank is a nationally-known Certified Lighting Consultant who began his career 38 years ago in Colorado.  The only Certified Lighting Consultant in Colorado, Frank has designed lighting for some of the most distinctive homes in the Mountain Region and across the United States.  His unique creative vision and extensive product knowledge has resulted in two national design awards: the Lutron Radio RA2 best "Commercial Job Award" and Lutron RadioRA2 "Best Residental Design Award." Frank’s innovative concepts in residential and commercial lighting influence the work of all of the designers at Lighting Designs, and through his speaking engagements he has impacted countless other designers across the Western United States. 

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Kaye has been very happy to call Colorado home for the last 30 years.​ She partnered with Frank Gale 28 years ago opening the first of 4 Lighting Designs showrooms in Colorado.​  Now during the past 15 years she has specialized in dealing with the DoD updating lighting solutions. She has saved millions dollars and energy, while generating rebates checks for the government to continue saving energy.

Lighting Designs, LLC opened in 1993 with their main focus on high-end residential, commercial and government.  Over the past several years Lighting Designs has specialized in providing energy efficient and cost effective lighting solutions for government projects.  Our history of creating energy saving solutions has saved millions of dollars, thousands of hours for maintenance and effective lighting for the end-user.  The future starts now - with high cost energy bills and money spent on maintenance, consider that a thing of the past.